Screening is required for safety measurements and there are no exceptions. 

 This can be done either by email ( or through my form at the bottom of the page. If you have other verification platforms, you are more than welcome to include it such as membership sites, username or handle. ******MUST INCLUDE STEP 1 or 2 AND 2 REFERENCES***** ( if no references simply apply "N/A" in reference box )

 1) Personal Name, phone, or email. No fake information or google/text apps. 

 2) Sending me your established account link on LinkedIn OR Your business website, business phone, or company email. 

 AND TWO Recent References (6-12 months):

Include their: name, website address & exact date of your meeting *I do not accept agency references. I promise that no one will view your email/form except for myself. After you have been verified, I will erase all the information that you have provided to me.

Established suitors can simply text or email me.