About ...

 A Natural... Hello, Let me first show my appreciation by telling you how humbled I am that you are interested in time with me as your companion. 

  I am a natural, a woman of class and quality. My reviews have proven that to be true. I am myself with each encounter. Very mature, well- rounded, educated and a experience you have to indulge in at least once. Exciting ...This is the part that you get to see of me that is not only catering to your needs and wants. But excited to actually be chosen to fulfill your personal desires and fantasies. I will be your best kept secret. Unleashing parts of you that are intense and naturally giving you parts of me that are hard to find in this generation of dating. Time and Place for Everything... As most elegant women, I enjoy quality time. A time and Place that we can relax, have stimulating conversations, laugh and possibly enjoy a cocktail or wine. Dinner or maybe your favorite place for lunch. I most definitely find it important to stay up to date with recent news, sports, and local events. Let’s unwind, take time to ourselves and be selfish for a moment. As I am sure your week has been filled with emails, calls, and demands that take away from truly enjoying some “you” time. 

FACTS about Candace :

Height: 5 ft 4

Measurements: 38 G- 38- 40

Base City : Indianapolis, IN

Education: Bachelor's

Nationality: German & Swedish 

Hair color: Brown and Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Artwork: Chest and thigh